A recent report published by Global Forest Watch said that Karnataka has lost more than 3,000 hectares of primary forests in every year between 2016 and 2018, which is far above the annual forest loss in the state since 2001, except for one. The annual forest loss in the year 2016 was 3,310 hectares, followed by 3,060 hectares in 2017 and 3,537 hectares in 2018. The numbers have soared up drastically, as it has generally remained below 3,000 hectares,  except in 2007, when it was 4,145 hectares. Forest cover decreasing at such an alarming rate points at a really frightening future. A collective effort by all citizens to conserve the country’s greenery in every possible way would be the beginning of a long journey to save the planet from destruction, and it it is high time that the journey began.


With this background Anarghyaa Foundation have initiated projects for afforestation and create forests through Miyawaki method of plantation that can enable a forest to grow 10 times faster than normal. This method can be adopted in City area as well where we can create Mini forests within a minimum area of 1000 sqft. We have a dream to replace the lawns wtih miniforests with Miyawaki forests. Mini forests in multiple location of the city will not only enhace greenary but also will reduce Carbon Foot Print


Miyawaki plantation involves plantation of native species of plants close to each other where saplings are placed randomly on the forest bed ensuring that no two similar varieties are adjacent to each other. Soil testing is done to provide organic nutrition to the soil. We add biomass in the soil and the soil is loosened up to a depth of one meter. The biomass like cocopeat, rice husk, cow dung or anything locally available is mixed with the soil to create the forest bed. This creates a microclimate which promotes healthy competition amongst the saplings leading to faster growth. 


Write to us to initiate the project in your premise or to volunteer in our projects at : info@anarghyaafoundation.com 





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