Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • To involve people and support meaningful activities to address environmental challenges
  • To touch and transform millions of people across India


Our Vision

  • "पृथ्वीं  रक्षथि  रक्षिथह" Prithvim Rakshathi Rakshithaha! Meaning: "If you protect Mother Earth, Then Mother Earth will protect you" : Our vision is to create forests, rejuvenate water bodies, take every step to protect and nurture Mother Earth 
  • Enhance the quality of life of people from marginalised and vulnerable communities, empowering them and catalysing change



Our Principles

  • We strive towards Excellence. 
  • Committment to enhance quality of life of our society.


Our Objective

Make our society a better place

Our Initiatives



Anarghyaa Foundation Career Guidance and Coaching    Anarghyaa Foundation Health Checkup Camp  Anarghyaa Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Talk    Anarghyaa Foundation Waste Management Awareness Workshop  <  Anarghyaa Foundation Blood Donation Camp    Anarghyaa Foundation career guidance        Anarghyaa Foundation Free Eye Check-up Camp  Effective Parenting session by Anarghyaa Foudantion  Anarghyaa Foundation blood donation camp    anarghyaafoundation-afforestation , Miyawaki forest    Anarghyaa Foundation Afforestation Drive, Miyawaki     


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