Lake Rejuvenation

Lake Rejuvenation and Conservation

Lakes are an inherent part of the ecosystem. Lakes have traditionally served the function of meeting water requirements of the populace for drinking, household uses like washing, for agriculture, fishing and also for religious and cultural purposes. Apart from these functions, which involve direct use of the lake water, lakes are also known to recharge ground water, channelize water flow to prevent water logging and flooding. Lakes are also host to a wide variety of flora and fauna, especially birds.

Importance of Lake:

  • Reduce temperature
  • Reduce pollution
  • Catchment for rainwater
  • Prevent flooding
  • Supply drinking water
  • Raise water table Habitat for animal and plant life
  • Lung space for humans


The need to initiate efforts to restore, conserve, manage and maintain the lakes as a valuable part of the whole ecosystem could no longer be ignored. Also Lakes are known to be the home to various species of local and migratory birds. We are looking to ‘Invite the denizens back – the birds, the bees and the rest’. Towards this, one important area of focus will be 'making' and 'keeping' the environment of the Lake a suitable habitat for them.


Our Lake Projects:

Nellukunte Lake

Ammanikere Marasandra Lake

Itgalpura Lake

Itgalkpura Pond

Kadathanamale Lake

We rejuvenate the lakes with the support of other likeminded corporates, Individuals, Professionals and  Volunteers who are socially responsible willing to contribute for the protection, conservation and sustainable management of water bodies. 


Write to us to volunteer in our projects or to offer support for the project at :

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