Be A Volunteer

Are you passionate about a social cause - Environment / Education / Empowerment / Health....?

Do you want to involve actively as a citizen in the overall development of the community around you? 

Be part of Anarghyaa Foundation's initiatives and contribute to our society. As a Volunteer of Anarghyaa Foundation you can contribute your time and skill for betterment of our society. Some of the way you can offer your support are: 

  • Plan exposure programs in learning,
  • Organize children excursions
  • Lead health check-ups camps
  • Conduct or host sports activities
  • Enroll children to school
  • Rope in Sponsors for events
  • Get involved in fundraising activities of Anarghyaa Foundation 
  • Actively work on our website, Facebook Page, Twitter and any other communication.... and many more


Some of our Environment Initiatives:

  • Planting Tree Saplings
  • Distribution of saplings
  • Cleaning of Lakes
  • Offer your expertise to support our lake conservation project
  • Create awareness programs in Schools, Villages, Corporate offices on Water Literacy programs, Water Conservation etc
  • Sharing knowledge of agriculture and landscape


Some of our Healthcare Initiatives

  • Conduct awareness talks on health and hygiene
  • Involve in our Blood Donation Camps
  • Involve in our health camps in villages


Some of our Education Initiatives

  • Conduct Personality Development Trainings / Workshops 
  • Offer Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Conduct Spoken English Classes
  • Offer Computer training
  • Offer Creativity classes such as arts and crafts
  • Career Counseling and Career Guidance
  • Offering Classes on education as per syllabus...


Women Empowerment

  • Empowering Women with entrepreneurship training and coaching
  • Counselling Women
  • Skill Development trainings for rural women / girls


 Be a Volunteer



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