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Anarghyaa Foundation was started by Prakash Subramanian. 

Why Anarghyaa Foundation was started:

Prakash Subrmanian hailed from a low middle class family, his parents were struggling to meet ends of the family. His mother used to run a home made food canteen at a school where Prakash used to help his mother daily from the age of 8. It was a tough period because of which he had to struggle to complete his basic education. He supported his education all by himself. This helped him to be a successful entreprenuer at a very young age. When he was struggling during his younger days, he had a dream of helping children who are financially weak to offer basic education and also provide skill development. Thus Anarghyaa Foundation was formed. All the projects have been self funded till Dec 2018. Now since we are having a huge requirement of fund to fulfil the initiatives we are seeking for financial assistance and voluntary support. 

Anarghyaa Foundation's vision is to build India by addressing holistically various development challenges, and contribute to its collective aspirations. Anarghyaa Foundation has partnered with various initiatives and contributes to its collective aspirations for making India a better place. Some of our initiatives are:

  • Offer Education to under-privileged and physically challenged, value based education....
  • Make youngsters more employable through skills training programmes
  • Driving several health initiatives such as conducting health camps, screening camps, blood donation camps, awareness talks etc.
  • Women empowerment programs – offering skills trainings, awareness talks on self-hygiene program at rural areas, self-defense programmes, workshops and courses
  • Raise awareness on spiritual wellbeing and self-enhancement
  • Save our environment – initiative to restore lakes and plant saplings, awareness talks in schools, colleges ...
  • Offer free eye treatment / surgery for poor and under-privileged
  • Offer scholarships for deserving students from under-privileged background .
  • Anarghyaa Foundation plays an integral role in helping people recover from natural disasters and calamities and move ahead with poise and composure

Our Initiatives



Anarghyaa Foundation Career Guidance and Coaching    Anarghyaa Foundation Health Checkup Camp  Anarghyaa Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Talk    Anarghyaa Foundation Waste Management Awareness Workshop  <  Anarghyaa Foundation Blood Donation Camp    Anarghyaa Foundation career guidance        Anarghyaa Foundation Free Eye Check-up Camp  Effective Parenting session by Anarghyaa Foudantion  Anarghyaa Foundation blood donation camp    anarghyaafoundation-afforestation , Miyawaki forest    Anarghyaa Foundation Afforestation Drive, Miyawaki     


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